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Except a big live chess game another simultaneous chess games will be arranged for visitors. Those interested in a game with international grand masters will be offered an opportunity to play in the square under the supervision of visitors. Time will be devoted to this attractive part of the festival even before the live chess game. Simultaneous game – 14th July 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

A simultaneous game in the square was held every year too, when each of grand masters played against many rivals at the same time (in Banska Stiavnica ussually 10-12 opponents against every Grandmaster). When any of them had finished his game earlier than the others, he could be replaced by another person. This way enabled more players to join in. Mostly, the grand masters were strict to their rivals, because they allow them reach only few victories in the past. Simultaneous were playing in Banska Stiavnica by GM Igor Stohl (2005 and 2007), GM David Navara (2006), GM Zbynek Hracek (2007), GM Jiri Stocek (2007), GM Jan Markos (2008, 2013), GM Viktor Laznicka (2009), GM Hikaru Nakamura (2010), GM Lajos Portisch (2011), GM Lubomir Kavalek (2011), GM Zoltan Almasi (2012), GM Richard Rapport (2014), GM Peter Michalik (2015), GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda (2016), GM Milan Pacher (2017) and GM Sergei Movsesian (2005-10, 2012-17).